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Brit DJ also had drinks thrown at him...

House producer/DJ Duke Dumont ended his performance mid-set on Saturday night after some deplorable punters spat on and threw drinks at him.

A video taken of the show at Union Hall in Edmonton, Canada captures the moment when Dumont cuts off the music and announces that people are abusing him from the balcony above the stage.

"I'm sorry guys, people up here are spitting on me, throwing drinks at me," he says over the microphone. "I know you guys have paid good money, but I don't get paid enough to get spat on. There's spit all over the CDJs."

Continuing, the UK DJ issues a challenge to his attackers: "I’ll tell you what, if you’re brave enough, come the fuck down now. Whoever did that, come down on stage. If you’re mad enough to spit, you’re mad enough to come right up here.”

Dumont apologies profusely to the majority of the crowd as they begin to jeer, adding: "Again guys, I’m really sorry for 99.9 percent of you, but if someone spits on you, none of you guys are gonna accept it either.”

Watch the clip below.