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Taken from his new single for Soul:r...

With LSB's debut album 'Content' almost upon us, the time has arrived for a little taster — the first single 'Missing You' and flipside 'Tumult'.

First kicking off his career back in the early 2000s, LSB has made a name for himself as a master of the drum & bass roller, dropping via the likes of Spearhead Records, Integral, and Soul:r — the Marcus Intalex-headed imprint to which he returns now.

'Content' promises to be a pure d&b album, without "any weak attempts to cross over, no token house or techno tracks to try and appeal to a broader audience," as LSB says in the press release.

This holds true for the single too, with 'Tumult' (although not appearing on the album) presenting an unforgiving percussive assault, contrasted by mournful hook that tugs at the heartstrings.

The track is already getting top support, with Fabio & Grooverider recently opening the first of their new Rinse FM shows with it.

'Tumult' is available to buy now as part of the 'Missing You' single exclusively via the Soul:r Bandcamp, ahead of its full release on 30th September. The 'Content' LP will follow on 4th November.

In the meantime, strap in for a relentless ride and stream 'Tumult' below!