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Kaoz Theory boss makes online plea for its return…

UPDATE: The record bag has now been returned. See the full follow up post here.

Kerri Chandler’s record bag was stolen from the DJ booth during his gig at Phonox in Brixton, London last night (September 25). He was playing the venue for the album launch of Voyeur’s forthcoming album on the New Jersey icon’s Kaoz Theory label.

In the early hours of this morning, Chandler took to Facebook to make a plea for the safe return of his stolen property.

“All my Italian fans please be on the lookout for an Italian woman; blond hair, 5"5 and a tattoo of an apple with the word “Apple” underneath, on her upper back,” he wrote.

“She was doing Facebook live around 22:20-22:35. If you were watching a live feed tonight from this Italian girl, please contact me.”

Chandler went on the decry the “opportunistic” nature of the theft, explaining that they stole his record bag from the DJ booth while he was performing.

Phonox’s CCTV is believed to have caught the thieves leaving the venue on camera, whilst Chandler is also trawling images from a professional photographer present on the night to use as evidence.

The Kaoz Theory boss concluded that if the bag is returned to his staff at a specified north London address, there will be “no questions asked.”

You can see the full post from this morning below.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.