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They're playing our Disco Special this Thursday at Work Bar in Angel...

We're hosting our very own disco-themed issue launch party at Work Bar this Thursday (29th September) featuring The Reflex and Kiwi b2b Rory Phillips — and we need you to help us celebrate (guestlist sign up here).

To help us warm up for the big night, we've drafted in disco dons Kiwi and Rory for an exclusive mix, as part of our brand new series Wax On. Dedicated to vinyl only mixes and a spot of good 'ol crate diggin', the series was launched by Love Vinyl boss Stuart Patterson last month, with Kiwi and Rory the next selectors to take the reigns. 

We caught up with the London-based DJ pairing to fire some fast questions at them whilst they recorded their mix — check out what they had to say (plus stream the mix) below. Join us for the DJ Mag Live Disco Special this Thursday 29th September at Work Bar in Angel, London. Limited guestlist only and sign up is essential.  

Digital? Both? Who Cares? 
Kiwi: "I like vinyl because it's my main source of finding music. But it's so cool that I can fit my whole record collection in a device smaller than my thumb. Truth is, it really doesn’t matter."
Rory: "Get you a man who can do both."

What’s the most expensive record you own?
Kiwi: "Justin Van Dervolgen 'EditChannel XXX'"
Rory: "The Jellies 'Jive Baby On A Saturday Night'"

If you could only save three vinyl in a fire, what would you save?
Kiwi: "'EditChannel XXX' — I’m not made of money, my first ever test pressing of my Days of Being Wild EP, and Harry Thurmann  'Underwater', which Rory actually found for me when we were record shopping some years back."
Rory: "I'd grab my autographed copy of 'O Superman' and let the rest burn."

Best London record shop?
Kiwi: "Phonica. I also like Rat Records for second hand buys, and Rye Wax for the love."
Rory: "Impossible to choose between Flashback, Phonica and Rough Trade."