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DJ Insurance might sound bland but it might just save you an arm and a leg...

Being a DJ is great, no doubt about it, getting to play amazing music to amazing people, make your own records, get booked to play at some fantastic clubs and venues all over the world, who wouldn’t like a piece of the action? However, whilst the weekend manoeuvres are all about the fun side of the job, there is also the administration side of things that can often get neglected. If you’re ploughed all your hard earned cash into you career as a DJ you might want to think about insurance just in case anything untoward happens, to your kit, or even yourself. Recent news on Paul Van Dyk falling off a stage and even Kerri Chandler having his record bag stolen with his essentials in it brings the topic of insurance to the forefront.

As a DJ looking to get your name out there or even a DJ who is already on the circuit, be it mobile or club, professional DJ insurance might not be at the top of your to-do list. However, it’s an essential part of the game. If you are a mobile DJ many agencies or venues won’t touch you if you don’t have some sort of public liability insurance. Slightly different for club DJs but having insurance can still be a blessing especially if you take or use a lot of your own equipment/tech in your set ups and shows out and about on the road.

Insure4Music one of the UK’s leading Musician Insurers have a range of insurance options to get you covered, which will work for your specific needs, if it's just covering your equipment or even if you need public liability insurance (PLI), these guys specialise in the music industry and know the demands that need to be met to make sure you’re all sorted.

Get a DJ insurance quote online today in minutes. It costs as little as £25 a year for Equipment Cover and £20 a year for Public Liability Cover, and could well prove handy if anything does go a little Pete Tong.

For more info give them a bell on 08000 469 859. The guys are happy to answer any questions you may have and also make sure that you’ve got the best value cover on the market. Meaning, if you find the same cover for a better price elsewhere within 14 days, they will only be too happy to refund the difference.