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Fly Life

Handing out clubbing flyers can be a great way to meet people, and blag free entry to clubs. investigates...

Going clubbing is an expensive business: cool clothes, transport, drinks, and the ever-present entry fee.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a night out that wouldn't cost a penny?

As flyering people across the country know, it's easier to pull off than you think.

Flyering is an essential part of clubland.

While the internet has made information instantly accessible, the humble flyer still accounts for a staggering level of advertising.

So, as long as there are clubs there will be flyers, and as long as there are flyers there will folks handing them out.

If you get really good, you might even be able to make a living out of it.

Realworld Club Promotions, run by a clubber from his garage, has deals with several clubs and organises the distribution of thousands of flyers every weekend.

Fancy a job?

The best way to get a flyer job is by targeting your local club or venue.

Most promoters are always on the look out for flyerers/street teams to promote nights.

Call them up or go to their office during the week and offer to flyer local clubs/record shops and outlets in your town.

This works especially well with bigger nights that can attract clubbers from a wider area.

In return you usually get free entry.

You can also speak to someone like Vince at Realworld who, thanks to organising flyering for big clubs, can arrange free entry in return for handing out flyers at the end of the night.

Considering door prices are sometimes £15 plus, a couple of free tickets in return for an hour of work is a good deal.

While experience is not needed for either, you do need plenty of personality, to be reliable, and have a sense of humour.

Judging by the tales of Mickey Sleeze, a Midlands club promoter and experienced flyerer, you also need a finely tuned sense of danger:

"Years ago, when I was flyering at the Emporium, a breakdown van from a big company crashed into a bollard right where I was standing. I was okay but he drove off without checking.

"Rumour has it that the driver was a clubber who'd left the club in a state.

"He even left a smashed bumper in the road."


The next step is to start getting paid.

While it might mean a bit of driving to get about, when things are going well you can expand your services to more clubs.

The more flyers you can get out, the more clubbers will go to venues.

As your reputation builds, clubs will see a direct increase in income and start cutting you in.

Don't be afraid to ask.

Vince at Realworld does this through flyer packs.

He targets clubs in the London and Midlands charging anything up to £15 per thousand.

With many flyers in a pack and a team of distributors all over the country, the money could soon start to roll in.

Perhaps going quite that far doesn't float your boat and free entry may not be enough.

Never fear, there is another side benefit of plying flyers: Romance.

One flyerer spoke to tells us how he used a combination of his coat and standing outside a club at 2am to his benefit:

"I was wearing a Subaru jacket to keep the cold out one winter's night.

"Now, you might say I didn't hit every branch of the beauty tree on the way down, so I never have much luck with the ladies.

"But because I was handing out flyers I had a ready-made excuse to talk to girls.

"This one lass started thought I worked for Subaru for some reason.

"We ended up spending some 'quality time' together. That would never have happened if I wasn't freezing my arse off, flirting to keep warm."

Vince at Realworld, who has done plenty of freezing as well, agrees:

"Standing outside clubs and always joking is a great laugh.

"I have some very suggestive comments and met three girlfriends from flyering. Yum."

So if you are looking to blag your way in to clubs, find some love, or make a few quid it seems flyering is a great way in, and a good laugh to boot.

How to get a flyer job

• Speak to clubs directly or a PR company and ask to distribute flyers. A good place to start is Vince at Realworld ([email protected])

• Be organised, outgoing and reliable.

• Be prepared to work for free entry for a while until you build up a reputation.

• Don't try and cheat the system. A PR lives and dies by their reputation. Leave the blagging to when you are chatting to clubbers.

• Do it for the fun, meeting people and the good of the scene.

• Don't do it for the cash! Flyering is pocket money for most (at best).