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Out now via Ghostly International…

Tycho has released a surprise album called ‘Epoch’ via Ghostly International.

‘Epoch’ is the third and final instalment in a trilogy and comes after 2011’s ‘Dive’ and 2014’s ‘Awake’, and is available digitally today with a phyiscal release following in January 2017.

Speaking about the album's surprise release, Scott Hansen said: "I've never been fond of handing in an album then waiting four months for it to be released.

"I wanted to be more connected to the people consuming the music. There is a kind of visceral fulfillment you get from sharing something that you've just created with other people. That's a very satisfying feeling as an artist."

He adds: "All art is in some way shaped by the current state of the world around the person creating it so there's an element of zeitgeist built into any album. We just finished mastering the album so it will be a month old when people hear it. I'm hoping people get a sense that this music is directly connected to the time they are experiencing it in."

Listen to the album in full below.