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Less Is More

Trend busting wild predictions from the heart

COLOUR OF THE MONTH... in February? It's got to be light grey! The most subtle look that eases you into spring when the wintery nights are very slowly cooling off.

NO EQUAL... There can be nothing simpler or finer than a new label speaking volumes in whispered tones of three inspiring charities that they donate 10% of their revenue to. That and some beautifully designed, ethical garms.

EYES DOWN... Blinded by the low sun? Time to think about your 2009 shades. Naturally there's a lot to choose from and seeing as price is a delicate word, how's about £79 for a not too shabby pair of Police sunglasses? Eye eye.

PORK PIES!... Mark our words, you'll be rocking a straw pork pie this summer. You'll be looking natty and nasty and ever so slightly skanking in this Bailey version. We heart most verily.

YOU SMELL NICE... And what's that neat leather carry-case you've got there? Oh this old thing? It's a 6876 design Lynx Bullet Holder. It keeps a micro bodyspray and all me bits and pieces in it, only £29.99. Very handy thanks.

LOVED UP... Well, it would be rude of us to ignore Valentines Day this month. We suggest you do the right thing and head for the choccie shop. Failing that how about a stylish 'back to the old skool' Filofax. Writing things down is the new going out.