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Mobile Maverick

Numark's latest HDMIX digi box can deal with nearly every playback format and packs a big punch for such a tiny box.

Numark's brand new all-in-one digital DJing rig is finally on sale. The HDMIX is quite costly at £999, but it provides all the necessary features for endless digital DJing.

DJs can store over 10,000 songs on the internal 80GB hard drive alone, and this can be massively expanded by using the DVD player and USB ports to connect external media devices, like iPods and hard drives.

The DVD drive plays audio CDs along with data CDs and DVDs, but doesn't play video discs, and there's no karaoke features either.

The HDMIX is a great option for DJs making the transition from CD to digital and also for clubs where it's important to accommodate guest DJs with varying formats. Numark have both the mobile DJs and club installers considered too, by adding some useful features like the removable hard drive.

Not only can you upgrade the drive to a massive 1TB, but different resident DJs can have their own drive for the unit.

It's absolutely crucial to have an easy to use interface when dealing with potentially hundreds of thousands of tracks, so the included keyboard makes it really easy to quickly find tracks by typing in just a few letters, and the massive colour LCD screen makes it a doddle to sift through search results, build playlists on the go, or use the innovative crate feature, which makes it familiar for DJs used to flicking through stacks of vinyl.

The beauty of the HDMIX is how portable it is. DJs will find everything they need to mix in one box. Simply plug it into the house PA, or directly into powered speakers with the XLR outputs. They've also just announced a dedicated flightcase to protect your investment, at £199.

If it's still important to incorporate vinyl into the mix, or any other line level sources, the HDMIX has three inputs that can accommodate turntables, CDJs and a microphone.



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