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Strong rhythm

Hercules and Love Affair mix Renaissance's new compilation

Disco and house connoisseurs, take note! Hercules and Love Affair have mixed the first in Renaissance's new compilation series, 'Sidetracked.' Crafted by the band's New York-based DJ and head honcho, Andy Butler, it will be released in a two-disc set with one disc mixed and a re-mastered, unmixed collection of tracks on the second CD.

Renaissance says that the group's soulful blend of disco-inspired songs makes them the natural choice to mix the first in the 'Sidetracked' series.

"'Sidetracked' has been developed to show the other side of bands from the electronic genre who can, and do, DJ," said Renaissance's Geoff Oakes. "It's an opportunity to offer a diverse, unique series, which makes Hercules and Love Affair a more than perfect choice to kick-start matters."

The compilation features a broad sweep of classic disco and house, along with an exclusive Hercules track.

"It's a slamming mix with tracks that have historically made me freak out in the club, along with new productions - including my Hercules and Love Affair exclusive," said Butler.