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It's a Good Look

The Coolness are true to the name...

IT'S A GOOD LOOK! Bands that make fashion sense THE COOLNESS Chaz John Ross is the flamboyant frontman of The Coolness, a guitar-led band he started up three years ago that has since evolved into a "psychedelic party band". "We're people that play live music and try to be fun and original at the same time."

Their goodtime sounds and sensibilities stretch into how they like to look on stage. "We're kind of anti-fashion. In the street I wear one or two things from my stage outfit, whereas on stage I might wear all the ridiculous clothes that I have in my wardrobe. But a lot of stuff we just find or are given from grandmas and other family members. And I seem to look good in ex-girlfriends tracksuit bottoms!"

Take It Off!2

They also dip into East End shop I Dream Of Wires on Cheshire Street and online pop-up punk store The Coolness attract a care-free crowd of fashionistas and a hard-core group of liberated followers often known to strip off when their infamous track 'Take It Off' is played.

The Coolness release new material in October and will be performing at SE1 on Saturday 5th September.