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Mariel Ito

Decryptor EP

"Eric Estornel aka Mariel Ito has produced some of the most forward thinking electro I've heard and this is his finest release. Although it's a year old, this EP stands head and shoulders above the bulk of new releases and hasn't left my record bag since I first picked it up. Eric has this knack of fusing the surreal and glitchy elements of electronica with rock-solid beats and demented basslines. There's a warmth and emotion to his productions that reminds me of the artists who got me into electro in the first place. Every track on this EP cuts the mustard, but 'Lone Romantic' is my favourite. Part 4/4, part electro, part alien abduction, it takes you to all kinds of places and doesn't scare people off the dancefloor. More like this please!"