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Warp Films Launches Download Store

New digital download platform goes live

Words: Bianca Mitchell

Warp Films, the producers behind such titles as This is England and Dead Man’s Shoes, have unveiled their new digital download store. The store offers DRM-free downloads in different sizes scaled to fit any device.

Music documentary All Tomorrow’s Parties, Shane Meadows' Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee and Arctic Monkeys at the Apollo are amongst the first releases up for download on the Warp website.

The platform was produced by Luke Morris and Warp Films and offers downloads, DVDs and other film merchandise. The aim of its creation is to complement Warp's presence in traditional retail, allowing the company to sell films direct to their fan-base worldwide.

Unlike many other download stores, the platform provides films pre-sized to fit all devices so they can be viewed on phones, desktop computers or through any other medium without requiring re-formatting.

Luke Morris said this of the site–

“It's a key part of Warp's direct distribution strategy, but also allows us to compete with and offer a legitimate and high quality alternative to illegal downloads."

New titles, including films from third parties, are regularly being added to the website and can be previewed before purchase.