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New Flying Lotus Video!

For 'Mmmhmm'

Already a standout from Flylo’s stellar new album Cosmogramma, the track ‘Mmmhmm’ now receives the video treatment, courtesy of New Zealand directing duo Special Problems.

Flying Lotus, who evidently was off finding his chi at the time of filming, leaves it to his collaborator Thundercat to star in the video. The Cat, an L.A. jazz legend who played bass and sang on the song, is dressed up as a Native American chief who hovers his way to a rendezvous with a woman who appears to be a leaf queen, for the purpose of some sort of cosmic spiritual meeting. And then the video games kick in. This is definitely a metaphor for something, we’re just not sure what yet.

And in case you’ve forgotten, Flying Lotus will be playing three shows in London next month, one of which is already sold out.