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Floating Points at Ministry of Sound tonight!

For DJmag party

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been excessively hyping our party at the Ministry of Sound that’s going down on Saturday 17th July, which is only fair since we’re throwing the damn thing. Still, we’d probably be giving it some big ups regardless, because it’s got an absolutely killer line up that’s got us beside ourselves with excitement.

There’s the eighteen year old techno wunderkind Kyle Hall, who we interviewed recently. Today we’re discussing Floating Points, who’s known to his mum as Sam Shepherd. By day, Shepherd  is but a common doctoral candidate, earning his PHD in the study of pain regulation. But at night, he jumps into a phone booth and emerges as Floating Points, production guru who’s on the up-and-up.

What we like about this classically trained pianist-turned-producer is his range, how he can go from pure tech-house on one cut to bringing the real gritty-ass shit with the next. We’ve heard it on good authority that it only takes him about thirty minutes to make a track, which might sound like a recipe for sloppy disaster for a lesser producer, but the guy knows what he’s doing – instead of dallying around twisting a knob for three hours, he just makes a damn song already.

Another thing we like about him is his indifference towards convention. When you listen to Vacuum Boogie, keep your ears peeled for a little whirring sound at the beginning. That’s an actual vacuum you’re hearing, not some studio trickery, a move that you’ve got to admire, if only for its creativity. Plus, you’ve got to give him points for having the brass cajones to name the track for the very object he used to create it. Anyway, don’t take our word for it. Check the songs we’ve posted, as well as his myspace, and see for yourself.

And remember, as a loyal DJmag reader you can also grab tickets for £10, rather than £15, here. Alternatively turn up after 4am and entrance is just £6 on the night.