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Hot City Interview

Before Ministry with Kyle Hall and Floating Points

Seriously, our party at Ministry of Sound on Saturday night (17th July) is going to be awesome. We’ve got a room to ourselves and will be stocking it with the premier up-and-coming talent in electronic music. While Kyle Hall is the headliner (check his recent interview with us here), don’t count out Floating Points, as well as Hot City (check their myspace), who we’ve wrangled for an interview below.

Before we get to the interview, allow us to plus our event one last time: Since we love you so much, we’re hooking you up with discounted £10 tickets here. Regular tix are £15, and if you’re trying to be thrifty at all costs, show up at 4am and you can get in for a mere £6.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled interview:

Bass music seems to be enjoying an unparalleled period of creativity. Your sound skirts around garage and house, but you're also played by artists who evolved from the dubstep scene. Who do you see as your music allies?

We wouldn't say our sound is bass music rather an amalgamation of garage, techno & house - other artists we are really excited by at the moment are Nochexxx, DJ Zinc, Funk Butcher, Swindle and Dubbel Dutch.

What news is there on the album? Will be it be straight up dancefloor or explore some other directions too?

We're having so much fun working on the album at the moment and think people will be surprised... We’re trying as many new sounds as possible and trying to make the best 'electronic' record we can regardless of dancefloor or home listening connotations. Obviously there will still be lots of music to be pumped in the club and also some vocal collaborations as well, but we are really trying to push our sound and create our own vibe – one that you can listen to on a walkman on repeat and also be great dancefloor filler.

There seems to be massive rave revival going on, with jungle returning in a modern incarnation. It seems that judging tracks like 'Setting Me Free' this period was also a big influence for you.

We both come from fairly different music backgrounds but sure, we both love jungle. Rave is where we meet in the middle.

What kind of stuff can we expect in your DJ set at Ministry?

We DJ with our MC 'Markus Dee' and we just came back from playing Cream in Ibiza where some of our special edits went down really well and we have more unreleased tracks to road test. But our main focus is to bring the 'fun, cheer point' moment back to the music has become far too serious, dark or stretched out, we want to go bang!