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More free tunes

From Mighty Mouse and Leni Ward

To help ease the pain of Monday, we have another couple of free tunes for you.

Is Nu-Disco even a thing? Or did disco never really die in the first place? I mean, it certainly went underground for a while, but anyone who’s seen Paris Is Burning knows it was certainly kicking. These days you could argue it’s stronger than ever, and Mighty Mouse are doing their part to make that argument. See for yourself with their new track ‘The Beast,’ one half of their new single 'Disco Battle Weapons Volume I'. Glitter not included. Track is here, and the password is mm10.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about break-ups. They’re the worst, aren’t they? You mope about for days, lamenting why everyone in the universe except for you gets to be happy, fret needlessly about getting your old stuff back, and then you snap out of it, move on, realize you didn't actually need that stuff to getin with, and make an album. Or at least that’s what Leni Ward did.

After the dissolution of a seven-year relationship she went and made an album about how she was happy to be single again. On a related note, how terrible must her ex feel right about now? A girl made an entire album about how elated she was to be rid of him, and he's probably eating cereal in his pajamas right now. It hurts, mate. Anyway, we’ve got a neat remix of Leni's track 'Open Doors' by the blokes from Warrior One, who offer a bit of trance feel-goodery intercut with their usual hard-hitting drums. Neat stuff. Check it here.