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Laser and Lampshades

The Weird World of Fever Ray live

As Fever Ray live virgins before her show at Brixton Academy on the 8th September, we knew only her basic back story; one half of Swedish brother/sister duo the Knife, she’s as well known for her disregard of the mores of modern celebrity, illustrated by this appearance at an awards show, as for the haunting beauty of tracks like ‘When I Grow Up’.

Yet even this reputation undersells the shrouded brilliance of her live performance. Beginning in near darkness, with just the flashing of various chintzy lamps illuminating the band, a gradual increase in luminosity as the set progresses reveals Fever Ray in a huge, bugged-eyed headdress while her band are wearing masks that make them resemble Ferengi from Star Trek.

Cue a change in lighting to strafing lasers for the final few tracks, accompanied by echoing subterranean bass that gives even DMZ a run for their money, and you leave feeling you’ve experienced that rare thing; a music artist who genuinely justifies that title.