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Transparent Sound Mix!

Transparent Sound recorded a special live set for, featuring only their own unreleased tunes and re-edits! Listen and download here!

Transparent Sound

Transparent Sound

The UK's leading electro duo Transparent Sound have done an exclusive live set for featuring only their own unreleased tunes and re-edits.

The 50 min live set showcases the pair's amazing production skills, and their ability to rock dancefloors.

Transparent Sound agreed to do a world-exclusive mix for to highlight their forthcoming CD release The Two Headed Monster.

The double CD features an amazing live set from the duo, and a mix from Fabric resident Craig Richards (pick up the latest issue of DJmag to read more about it).

This free download is just a taster of what you get on The Two Headed Monster.

Click here to listen to (and download) Transparent Sound's Live set.

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