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A Piece Of The Action

Pioneer's new S-DJ05 speakers throw down the small studio monitor gauntlet...

Everyone knows pioneer for their CDJ's and mixers, but their latest offering is a departure from those well-known staples. The D-DJ05's are Pioneer's first speakers to be designed especially for DJ's and producers going head-to-head with the likes of KRK's Rokit speakers.

In order to develop a product that is perfect for home-based production and DJing, Pioneer have enlisted the help of the industry and developed this new range of speakers with DJ's such as Paul Woolford and Steve Mac.

Designed as reference speakers, the S-DJ05s promise to deliver an accurate, neutral sounds that producers can rely on as a reference when mixing down tracks. They are fully active, which means that they have built-in amplification - always a welcome addition to any speakers - and two-way, with a 2.5cm soft dome tweeter and a 5-inch woofer. There is obviously a limit to how much bass response any 5-inch speakers can prosduce 0 the S-DJ05s pack an impressive punch for their size 0 but true bass-heads might want to opt for the 8-inch S-DJ08s. Of course, this might not be a popular choice with the neighbours.

True to thier promise of delivering a studio-style monitoring system, the S-DJ05s have a bi-amplification system that drives the tweeters and woofer separatrely to ensure accurate reproduction of frequencies without loss of quality. These speakers also use high-force magnets and low resonance chimney style heat-stinks, which enable them to kick out the bass without overheating or distorting.


The design team at Pioneer have had to put in the hours when workingn on S-DJ05s, especically with the fact that there is stiff competition from other manufacturers in this area, such as the likes of KRK Rokits, which are a popular choice for small budget studios. But somehow they have managed to think of two of the coolest features that might give the S-DJ05s the edge. The first of these features is an absolutely gorgeous remote control unit that copntrols the colume of the speakers, turns them on and off and also selects the unout source. The second inclusion to the S-DJ05s is the inpit sources - there are four in total, allowing the use to hook up different sound soucres and swap between the four without having to do the fiddly change over with the connections at the back when switching from your studio or DJing set-up, and as mentioned, this can all be controlled via the remote control: finally, a sensible solution to an age-old problem.

The S-DJ05s could be exactly what many home-based studios and DJs are looking for, and offer an alternative to the range of compact studio monitors that are already on the market.

Price   £499.00
Contact   Pioneer.Eu
Build Quality
Ease of Use   8.0
Features   9.0
Value for Money   87.0
Sound Quality   7.5

Compact speakers with built-in amplification designed for DJs and home prodcucers, featuring an uber-cool remote control and four resource points.


The 5-inch woofer can only provide so much bass, and for studio monitoring, there are a lot of speakers with time-tested reputations for the same money.

Conclusion   A very slick package that provides everything a DJ or producer needs to hear their creations in a compact package. The S-DJ05s have some nice featues, but have a lot of competion at this price range.
Overall Score   7.3/10