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Sonar for sale

Buy a set or personal message at Barcelona festival

Ever wished you could play at Sonar? Now you can achieve it with a special one-off DJ PASS.

A unique and unrepeatable offer, you can bid now on a 50-minute slot in the booth of the new SonarCar Stage at Sonar by Night (Barcelona) where you'll perform in front of thousands of people. Simply visit ebay here and start bidding. The full package also includes festival accreditation.

As well as that on 16th May an EGO PASS goes on sale via ebay too. As well as including entry to the festival, the package includes the opportunity to project your own 20-second video to more than 15,000 people via thescreens on the SonarClub Stage on Friday 17th June at Sonar Galicia and Saturday 18th June at Sonar Barcelona. So if you want to propose in style or simply just make some crazed ramblings about how giant lizards are controlling of the world, this is the one for you.