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Osunlade's final house album

'Pyrography' out now

An ordained Yoruba priest given to wearing traditional bone jewellery in his nose, as well as a DJ and label owner, US-born, Greek-based Osunlade isn’t your typical house music producer, living a spiritual life rooted in nature rather than staggering from afterparty to afterparty. So for many it will be sad news that the release of ‘Pyrography’ (out now on Yoruba Record), his first album since 2007’s ‘Elements Beyond’, will also be his last.

Osunlade and Scott Marr

Choosing to end on a high, his final work covers deep, electronic house and broken beats, with often deeply personal lyrics, while the artwork is provided by Australian pyrography artist Scott Marr, whose depiction of Yoruba Orisha Deities is made by using flame or heat to burn images onto paper or canvas. A fitting swan song that ties together Osunlade's passion for art and music, we have both an album taster and a video explaining his decision to bow out of dance music.

Pyrography by Osunlade