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Glade announces new site

Festival moves to Norfolk

After being forced to cancel Glade last year, organisers must have had their hearts in their mouths after this year’s site pulled out of hosting the festival which takes place between 10th - 12th June. Fortunately, they’ve found a new site at Houghton Hall in Norfolk.

Glade organiser Ans announced:

“Last week I got back to work having taken some time off to get married the weekend before, to find that the proverbial had hit the fan. We lost our site last week.

“The trustees at the Mansion House decided that they didn’t want the event after all, despite contracts signed and deposits paid.  The new Glade team decided not to tell me so that it wouldn’t ruin my big day and what they have done, amazingly, is manage to miraculously find another venue.

“The new site, whilst being a bit further away from London, is by far superior.  It is set in beautiful, privately owned 5,000 acre Estate which set in beautiful parkland laid out in the 1720’s.  It is also on sand, meaning excellent drainage, so we won’t be having a repeat of the floods of  2009, regardless of the weather.”

Lord Cholmondeley, who owns Houghton Hall, added:

“We are delighted to be hosting The Glade Festival at Houghton Hall this summer. This is a new event for Houghton but something that we think will work well in the beautiful and historic Park. We welcome the new management team, who come highly recommended, we know are renowned in the industry and have an outstanding portfolio of events.   We are excited to see what they do with The Glade, and look forward to working with them.”

Houghton Hall is situated just outside King’s Lynn where the nearest station is.  There will be shuttle busses running between the site and the Hall.  For full travel information, check the Glade website or email [email protected]

Glade Electronic Music Festival - 10,11,12 June 2011
Tickets: £135 + BF / Capacity Strictly Limited To 5000