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Alex Niggemann ‘Lately’ EP

Watch video for new Poker Flat release

It seems like Alex Niggemann has been getting all the big breaks, especially considering the release of his ‘Lately’ EP on Steve Bug's Poker Flat label.

"This release on Poker Flat is a step in a direction where I always was in my head and always wanted to be music-wise; It's a kind of music I always loved and produced but never got the chance to release,” said Niggemann.

‘Lately’ follows in the Poker Flat tradition of haunting, acidic, modern sounds.  

In recent years Niggemann has appeared on labels such as 8Bit, Supernature and Tsuba, each time producing quality tech-house and club-assured records. His new EP brings out a heavy acid bass and Chicago-house vibes.

“I just love rough Detroit/Chicago influenced techno-house with wired and dark synths,” he told us.

The EP contains three tracks ‘Lately’, ‘Madness’ and ‘Smash Your Face’.

Alongside the new EP, Niggemann has also released the official music video for the headlining track ‘Lately’. Contrary to Niggemann’s success, the leading man of the video can’t seem to get a break.