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Village People to judge Fancy Dress competition at Bestival

Plus win a lifetime entry to Bestival

The Village People, who are known for their own iconic choice of ensemble, have been confirmed to judge the annual Fancy Dress Competition at Bestival this year.

“Village People dress up in costumes every time we go on stage.  It will be fun to judge other people who get dressed up also. We are so looking forward to being judges at the competition,” said Village People’s construction worker David Hodo.

Headlining the festival are Pendulum and The Cure.

To help raise money for charity, Bestival has put together a special edition of Top Trumps, featuring 15 of Bestival’s top performers. Each Bestival hero has a playing card detailing their Rock star points, BPMs, Lunacy level, stamina and the Big Love their activity generates. The rules are exactly the same as Top Trumps. Download and print the game for free from the Bestival Blog.

Also available online is a free Nextmen Vs Bestival 2011 mix.

For more information on tickets and to view the full line-up visit