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Together to host Eric Prydz In Concert (EPIC)

With thirty acts across four arenas on 26th November

If you thought Prydz's hair-raising mingle of electro/trance/techno/house was enough to blow your mind, the Swedish giant will bring Eric Prydz In Concert (EPIC) to a festival-sized indoor mash up at Alexandra Palace on Saturday 26th November. Add to that a massive line-up of thirty acts over four stages (so

on to be announced) and we have ourselves quite a party.

Earlier this year, Eric Prydz In Concert (EPIC) stamped a pyrotechnic/production precedent on UK clubland when he showcased his unforgettable live show, firstly, at Brixton Academy and, more recently, at UK fest Global Gathering. A mesmerising concoction of 3D animation, holograms, eye-boggling visuals and LED mastery, EPIC set standards for electronic live shows worldwide. Offering a journey into a slick computer-generated universe Tron would be proud of accompanied by a killer soundtrack, EPIC is one of the most technologically profound sensory adventures known to clubland.

Following its massive UK debut in Brixton, event organisers Lock N Load decided a bigger venue would be needed to house this massive spectacle, so set about arranging this event of gargantuan proportions alongside Together at London's ultimate rave emporium, Alexandra Palace

Enthusiastic as ever, Eric Prydz was eager to express the excitement of the event: “I have been really happy by how well EPIC has been received so far. So I’m really excited to take EPIC to the next level at the legendary Alexandra Palace with an even bigger and better interpretation of the show featuring new visuals and music from me”.

Moreover, Eric stressed how this would be different to the Brixton show: “Unlike the Brixton show we thought we would make this one into more of an event and give it that festival vibe so we are bringing in loads of guest artists, friends and live acts across many rooms. The huge line-up is already coming together and this venue is precisely what EPIC was made for”.

EPIC presents – Eric Prydz Live in concert
Alexandra Palace
Saturday 26th November