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Top 100 Fever

This year's Top 100 DJs poll touched nearly every territory on Earth. Over 217,000 dance music fans voted for their favourite DJs this year, up 90,000 on last year.

This year's Top 100 DJs poll touched nearly every single territory on Earth.

Only 10 countries didn't manage to vote (they better have a bloody good excuse, because this is the most important poll in dance music).

With the voting now closed DJmag can exclusively reveal that a whopping 217,105 people from 233 different countries cast their vote this year, up over 90,000 votes on last year.

Global Vote

The 2006 Top 100 DJs poll is the widest and most globally representational survey the world has ever seen.

Even boffins like Lord Anthony Giddens, director of the London School of Economics and one of the world's leading experts on globalisation was impressed with how many different countries voted in our poll.

"Many people think of globalisation as solely an economic phenomenon," the Prof told

"But it is driven far more by the expansion of modern communications. The massive number of people and countries involved in DJmag's Top 100 DJs poll is a clear and relevant example of this."

Spread of Club Culture

With so many people having voted for their favourite DJs via, it's clear that the internet is driving dance music today, and is a big reason for the spread of club culture.

The results of this year's poll will be truly representational of global dance music fans, and less influenced by traditionally strong dance music territories like the UK, USA, Germany, and The Netherlands.

Make sure you're at our exclusive Top 100 DJs bash at Fabric on Wednesday 25th October to find out the results.

Quality DJs representing the entire spectrum of dance music will be playing across three rooms, so it's going to be one helluva party!