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Hawtin On The Box

Hey look, techno warlord Richie Hawtin was a cute little kid too. Check out these rather embarrasing Hawtin pics! There's a new DVD documentary about him out soon.

It's not often that professional and entertaining documentaries are made about electronic music, but a new DVD series launching at the end of October ticks all the right boxes.

'Slices Presents: Pioneers of Electronic Music' bills itself as a DVD magazine, is produced every three months and aims to celebrate the life and works of some of dance music's most prominent artists and DJs.

The first volume is a documentary film about techno icon Richie Hawtin.

Personal & Artistic

The film draws on the important stages and events in Hawtin's personal and artistic life, and the journey he made from a computer-obsessed teenager to a global superstar DJ and pioneer of new technology.

A number of high profile DJs and electronic music artists were interviewed for the DVD, including Derrick May, Sven Väth and Magda, as well as Hawtin's mum and dad.

Richie himself appears in the documentary and shares his early DJing experiences and his role in the Detroit techno scene.

The result is an enlightening and informative film about one of dance music's most important contemporary figureheads.

Perfect Subject

John Acquaviva, one of the most successful DJs in the US, stated that Richie was a perfect subject for the first volume of the 'Slices' DVD series.

"What Richie did in the '90s with his artist side was really important," he said.

Cocoon boss Sven Väth agreed: "Richie is always pushing the boundaries."The DVD is due in the shops early next year and's been told it should cost around £9.99.

To watch a trailer of the DVD visit