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Weekend at the Zoo

Zoo Project announces UK festival inside animal park

Remember those childhood days. Peering sheepishly through the railings at grumpy bears; marvelling at giraffes; tapping the glass cabinet of an angry python. It didn't get more magical, more enchanting than a trip to the zoo...

Now, the adults among us who still enjoy behaving like a child, dressing up and painting our faces with tiger stripes (of which there are many) have the chance to lose our minds once again within the grounds of an actual zoo. But this time, to a top-notch pumping soundtrack.

Taking place 14th - 16th September at Port Lymphe Wild Animal Park in Kent, The Zoo Project will bring the wildness of its Ibiza parties (held at Gala night/Benimussa Hills) to the UK for the first time after putting on regular Channel Zoo parties up and down the country in recent years. So, with stages programmed by some of the finest promoters on Earth – Cocoon, secretsundaze, Channel Zoo, Jaunt> and Junk – the chimpanzees will not be the only mammals going bananas in the park this September.