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Allien invasion!

Catch up with Ellen Allien ahead of her B-Pitch showcase for Krankbrother...

Few females in dance music are bringing quite like Ellen Allien. Boss of influential Berlin-based label B-Pitch Control and esteemed world-touring DJ, she is renowned for dipping her toe in pretty much anything; her sets crossing everything - house, techno, garage, dubstep, even breaks - while the label has constantly branched out to re-define its policy, characterised by its refusal to become stale or sterile in line with musical evolution.

Her B-Pitch Control showcases at Fabric have become a regular staple of the London clubland, but this month she's hooked up with Krankbrother to change things up at a secret location on Saturday 10th March alongside Kiki, so we caught up with her for a chin-wag...

After previously bringing BPitch showcases to Fabric, you've chosen to bring one to a secretly located Krankbrother party this month. Why the change?

“We have so many requests from different locations and it?s fun to also play at some other venues, especially when it is a secret warehouse location like this time. But we still have a very tight bond with Fabric. Thomas Muller just played for the Wetyouself boys last Sunday and had a blast. He was in a very funny mood when he arrived back home in Berlin. Fabric will always rock! They have the best soundsystem in the world!”

Do you enjoy playing London?

“I love London! With its fantastic basslines and fat melodies. It is the city of Pop. The party already starts in the cab on the way to the club. The radio is on and the hits are tingling. The English always make you laugh. It?s pure fun. London is very international. Berlin is a village in comparison (laughs). But we don?t have a curfew and the nights go on forever.”

How is playing in London different to playing in Berlin?

“Different? Mmm.... I love to play breaks in London. The crowd is always a lot of fun – so I always have a lot of fun. In Berlin I am kind of in a different state almost. All my good friends are around me. I am on home turf. It is completely different. In London, I often meet cool new people. It is very open and communicative.”

What can we expect from your set?

“Allien's epic is back!”

Where else have you played recently?

“I just got back from a six-weeklong tour through Brazil. My new favourite drink now is coconut. Do you have that in London? But only in the nut please! Brazil was extremely interesting. It still has this very strong contrast between the commercial and underground scene. Enormous dance floors with progressive or trance and smaller floors with our music.”

What can we expect from BPitch in the coming months?

“At the moment we are still very busy with the album by Dillon. She has just been nominated for an Echo (the biggest German music award), which is very exciting for the team. The next single is 'The Birds' by Telefon Tel Aviv including remixes by Matthew Dear and myself. At the end of March my next single, 'Galactic Horse', will come out. April will see a collaboration by Kiki and Chaim. In May the first single of our new signing. System of Survival will drop. And we are working on a new compilation!”

What producers are you really feeling at the moment?

“I am very excited about our new signing System of Survival. They are working on an album for us. The album 'This Silence Kills' by Dillon is still one of my favourites.”

Top tune tip?

“'X-Pert feat. Anna Gi' by System of Survival.

Check it out...”  

System Of Survival - Rough Everything (BPC251) by BPitch Control

Words: Adam Saville