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Fatboy Slim Shuns Tories

Fatboy gave the finger to politicians recently, after refusing to grant them permission to use his tune at a party conference.

Fatboy Slim recently gave the finger to the politicians, after refusing to grant the Tories permission to use his 1995 track 'Happiness' for their Party Conference.

David Cameron's crew wanted to use the superstar DJ's tune for their meeting in Bournemouth in October, but Norm refused flat out.

Back in 2004, the Labour Party used Fatboy's track 'Right Here Right Now' at an event without his approval, which triggered a public slagging of Blair and co by Cook.

Supporting Politics

He felt that the use of his track implied he was somehow supporting Labour's politics, which couldn't be further from the truth.

This time the Tories, wishing to avoid a similar rant from Fatboy, politely asked for permission, but in reality they needn't have as a blanket PPL event license would have given them the permission to play any music they wanted.

"At least the Conservatives had the decency to ask first, unlike Labour," said Norm.

"The Tories, however, remain my least favourite political party - so an emphatic 'no' is the answer."