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10% discount on custom earplugs

From Musicians Hearing Services on Harley Street

When we're young, we all think we're invincible, but it's now commonly accepted that long periods in loud clubs can damage your hearing, causing tinnitus, a temporary or permanent ringing in the ears, hearing loss and eventually deafness.
As well as taking regular breaks, the cheapest way to protect your ears are foam earplugs but these muffle sounds and may not be fitted to your ear effectively. Custom-fitted earplugs from Musicians Hearing Services in Harley Street, London, are shaped to your ears from moulds and attenuate sound, meaning you can still hear clearly while DJing or dancing. They are also available with different strength filters so you can get a pair to suit your needs.
Check the testimonials from two up-and-coming producers, Eats Everything and Bicep, to hear their experience of getting kitted out.
Mention DJ Mag when you call for an appointment for custom-fitted earplugs on 020 7486 1053 and you'll also get a 10% discount.
Eats Everything
“I first noticed tinnitus and hearing deterioration in around 2003 I think, it has got ever so slightly worse since! I came to Musicians Hearing Services because I had always used over the counter plugs, so I needed some proper ones.
“They have made a massive difference to my life and I cannot thank you enough for helping me out.
“My advice would be to other musicians and DJ's to get yourself a pair of proper earplugs as soon as it is human possible, otherwise it will be too late. The service from Musicians Hearing Services has been absolutely outstanding, Very professional and lovely.”
“Musicians Hearing Services provided a perfect service when booking, fitting and collecting my earplugs. The quality is second to none both in build and sound, across a range of monitors I have played on since using. Once you start to use them you have much more control over the frequencies at higher volume and makes it much easier to manipulate whilst DJing. Essential equipment for people who DJ in my opinion.”