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Free Loopmasters iPad app

New DJ studio for basic and advanced users

Loopmasters have teamed up with Rocudo to develop a new free iPad app for music makers, DJs and producers across the globe. The launch version includes a large collection of dance samples from top acts which can be combined and controlled in 1000s of different ways, enabling anyone to be able to create great tracks.
This new app has a vast variety of features and comes with its own built-in library of loops and samples, plus easy to use EQ and FX features. The delay FX autosets its parameters to match the tempo of the track being played and auto-syncing means you never miss a beat. You can also easily save your sets and record your live performances. The best part is that it is completely free. This app is great for beginners as there is absolutely no experience required.
All of this seems too easy? Then check the advanced version (although this does not come for free). Once you upgrade to Pro features you unlock the full 4x4 deck. It also lets you record and save as much material as you wants and the mixer channels have a larger amount of EQ and FX types. There's a content upgrade too, including larger amounts of loops across the Bass, Percussion, Vocals and FX catagories, plus much, much more. As this is just the beginning, there are also plans for further upgrades in both versions.
Requirements for this app: IOS 5.x or higher
Download the free app here or the advanced version here.