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To die for!

Diynamic offshoot 2DIY4 heads to Sankeys

Most great labels have a suitably excellent sister imprint. For every Planet E Communications, more than likely, there'll be a Community waiting in the wings, ready to take on board all that doesn't quite fit the motherlode's remit but in need of a suitable home.

These days, as dance producers, DJs and A&R honchos embrace eclecticism more than ever before, the spin-off format has taken on even more prevalent usage, especially when it comes to the house canon, with its constantly expanding vision.

One ancillary outfit that's especially come of age during its 18-month lifetime is 2DIY4, sibling to the mighty Hamburg-born Diynamic, set up and run by Solomun and Adriano Trollo since 2006. Arriving with aplomb via the boss' 'Love Recycled' package, which took samples of Curtis Mayfield and Michael McDonald and turned them into instantly classic, rough dancefloor diamonds, contributions have also come from Thyladomid & Adriatique — a dainty cut using Feist's vocals — plus another from Pool (incredibly remixed by Solomun) and more recently an impossibly funky Biggie-sampling slice from Amine Edge.

Despite fitting perfectly into the label's rich and distinct dancefloor aesthetic, each 2DIY4 release can be identified by its slightly more leftfield, quirky approach, extending the vision of the label even further and throwing up some of its finest moments in the process. Proof that a label's offspring doesn't have to be an ugly duckling kept just for the mother's hand-me-downs, but instead can carve an identity of its own.

It's with great excitement, then, that a rare 2DIY4 showcase is coming to Manchester's Sankeys as part of the club's three-month long 18th Anniversary celebrations this summer, featuring the aforementioned Thyladomid & Adriatique, Liem and the club's resident Ellesse on Saturday 21st July. This really is a night to 2DIY4.


WHEN? Saturday 21st July 

WHERE? Sankeys, Manchester

LINE-UP? Adriatique, Thyladomid, Liem, Ellesse

TAX? £12

TIMES? 11pm - 5.30am