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Post War DJs?

Indie outfit Post War Years get electronic

Last night, DJ Mag went to a gig. Yep. We swapped the booths and back rooms of Europe's throbbing clubs for the sweaty shoebox garms of Dalston's Birthdays – with its gawkish congregation of rolling shoulders, nodding quiffs and floppy fringes – for a real, bona fide, ACTUAL gig.

The band in question was Post War Years. A band that, when asked, you think you've heard of. Probably because you have; you just forgot because they haven't released for three years. Add that to a name easily confused with another band ubiquitous a few years ago - naming no names (Cold War Kids) - and any mention is likely to be met with a foggily distracted nod that says: “I think I know what you are talking about”. 

Anyway, PWY are back with 'Glass House' EP (out 23rd July) after impressing pretty much anyone with a penchant for indie bands with synths with their first album 'The Great and The Happenings'. Surging through a set that nods to the pungent pop alchemy of New Order, Metronomy and TV On The Radio, it was clear these guys, like most modern indie bands, have succumbed to the immense allure of the electronic bug. Their on-stage kit a makeshift control panel of MPCs, original Korgs and Roland synths as they hammer out a sonic blanket of dramatic guitar distortion and amp feedback. 

In brief, it was a heady treat. If you ever fancy a break from stomping to repetitive beats, we recommend you check them out. Or in the meantime, check out this DJ mix they have put together. Featuring the likes of Caribou, Apparat and Matthew Dear, it might be a little more up your street...

Centaur: Mixtape by Post War Years