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DJs Caught Cheating in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs Poll 2012

One DJ removed as of today (3rd August, 2012)...

DJ Mag’s  Top 100 DJs poll is widely regarded as the definitive annual dance music poll by music fans, promoters and industry figures the world over.

Many DJs legitimately campaign for votes, however, some DJs and/or their representatives have been found to use illegal methods to try to increase their voting share, and every year thousands of illegal votes are discounted. This has led to several exclusions from the Top 100 DJs Poll in recent years.

As guardians of the poll, DJ Mag takes the authenticity of the Top 100 DJs Poll very seriously.

Martin Carvell, DJ Mag’s Managing Director said: “This year, DJ Mag has discovered ‘blatant’ cheating and several high-profile DJs are currently under investigation. Our methods of analysis are sophisticated but time consuming, and DJ Mag has to be absolutely sure that illegal methods have been used to acquire votes before evicting DJs from the poll.”

Today, DJ Mag has announced the eviction of one DJ from the poll.

Carvell continued: “As of today (Friday August 3rd) DJ Mag are eliminating Miss Diamond from Switzerland from the Top 100 DJs Poll. Based upon our analysis, it is quite clear that Miss Diamond, or those working on her behalf, have cheated. We will be notifying her forthwith. Others will follow over the coming weeks.

“DJ Mag recognises how important the Top 100 DJs poll is to many people around the world. The promotional teams of many DJs realise how much of a boost it is for a DJ’s career to appear in the Top 100, but illegal methods must not be used to influence the poll and will not be tolerated. Those found to be bringing the Top 100 DJs Poll into disrepute will be excluded from the poll.”

Carvell also said: “Anyone aware of any suspicious activity being undertaken by anyone employed, hired, or affiliated with a DJ can contact the magazine in the strictest confidence.”