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DJ Weekly Podcast

John Tejada

Drawing from US and European strains of techno, John Tejada paints his sonic canvases with a subtle delicacy that's made Cologne label Kompakt his spiritual home. Following last year's 'Parabolas' album, he follows it up on 10th September with 'The Predicting Machine', a collection of tracks as equally suited to enveloping you in your headphones as on a dancefloor. Rocking everyone from UK acid house pioneer Baby Ford to Carl Craig in his Paperclip People guise, his podcast takes in some of his influences and peers for a scintillating ride through techno's standout artists.

DJ Weekly Podcast: John Tejada by djmag
1. soul capsule - forever love
2. freaks - instrument (soul capsule remix)
3. melchior productions ltd - later that evening
4. baby ford - percy
5. jimmy edgar - black neon dance floor
6. paulo rocco - move body move forward
7. envoy - full time
8. christian smith & john selway - clear intention (musical mix)
9. technasia - force (instrumental)
10. mark flash - dark symphony
11. sterac - the secret life of machines (club mix)
12. jay bliss - pluto (skudge mix)
13. grenier - uncertain
14. deadbeat - hamlet machine (deadbeat horns of jericho version)
15. paperclip people - clear and present