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DJ Weekly Podcast

South London Ordnance

His name alone gives some impression as to the heavy arsenal employed by 23-year-old producer South London Ordnance. Having debuted on 2nd Drop, it was his 'Trojan/Pacific' single for Well Rounded that hooked us with its blend of swung techno, house melodies and grimy bass. Having made all the right moves – including appearing on Rinse, playing at FWD and guesting on Mary Anne Hobbes' show – his podcast for us draws upon contemporary UK heads, like Bobby Champs and Paleman, for unreleased material, while also tracing this lineage back to more established names such as Skudge and Psychatron. Light the fuse and stand well back.

DJ Weekly Podcast: South London Ordnance by djmag
1. Trevino - Tweakanomics (Revolv:r)
2. Boddika & Joy O - Dun Dun (Sunklo)
3. Bobby Champs - Bureau (CDR)
4. Goldffinch - Pixel Perfect (CDR)
5. Skudge - Surplus (Echocord Colour)
6. Saaeon Express - To The Third District (CDR)
7. Paleman - Halfout VIP (CDR)
8. Jon Convex - What I Need ft. Velvitt (Convex Industries)
9. Conforce - Let Your Body, Make Your Body (Jared Wilson remix) (Dolly)
10. Tom Demac - Critical Distance Pt. II (Hypercolour)
11. Psycatron & Secret Cinema - Loopwaffle (Inflyte Records)
12. South London Ordnance - Revolver (CDR)
Mixed live on 2 x CDJ1000's w/ Serato.