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Livid Loops!

Loops Of Fury's incredible electro-tech

From Brisbane, Australia and loved by cats such as Erol Alkan and Boys Noize, Loops Of Fury have been causing a commotion with their peak-time electro/techno/rave hybrid over the last couple of years. Signed to U&A Recordings, the guys are school pals who both discovered electronic music at around the same time in ‘93/’94 — “early Prodigy, Chems, hardcore and jungle”.

Using primitive equipment, they started writing tunes together and entered a ‘battle of the bands’ contest with all their rudimentary electronics hooked up. They came last.“When we started DJing it was so much easier, it was actually a bit of a relief,” Jimi from Loops tells DJ Mag. 

Naming themselves after the block-rockin’ beats track ‘Loops Of Fury’ by the Chemical Brothers was like the ultimate homage, they say. “We are massive Chemical Brothers fans so it is nice to reference them, like a standing on the shoulders of giants thing,” says Jimi. “I'm pretty sure their track ‘Loops Of Fury’ was itself a reference to the Eric B & Rakim tune ‘Lyrics Of Fury’, so for us it fits into this cycle of building on the ideas of your heroes. It's sort of like sampling, the key is to take that inspiration and move it forwards in new and exciting ways.”

Loops Of Fury is also a great description of what they do, eschewing yawningly obvious EDM commercial sounds to blast out credible, incredible electro-tech. “Credibility is about only playing the music that you love and not being a slave to whatever is huge this minute,” Jimi thinks. “That might mean you have to dig a little harder to find the right track to make the place go crazy, but it's worth it.”

I Need (128k Preview) by TheLoopsOfFury

“Although by the same token, if we happen to like a track that some people would say isn't credible, it's not going to stop us from playing it,” adds Loops cohort Max. “Being yourself and playing the music you actually love is the most important thing.”

Signing to Elite Force’s U&A label after meeting him at one of his shows in Brisbane, they’ve just released the ‘Light Em Up’ comp which is a real snapshot of where they’re at in late 2012.

Alongside their own shizz, there are tracks from Mumbai Science, Bart B More, Tommy Trash and Shinichi Osawa, and a hype ‘n’ flappy piano hardcore Felix Cartal remix of their track ‘Don't Stop’. Newly formed super-group Horsepower (Bart B More, Tommie Sunshine and RipTidE) reworked ‘I Need’, turning it into an insane Moroder-tinged disco monster, and the guys have just remixed Moby, too.

They’ve lately been gigging like crazy in support of the comp, and are thinking of putting a live show back together — with proper equipment this time. “Hopefully that’ll make it a bit less stressful,” Max chuckles.

Loops, then, look like they’ll be firing up dancefloors for a long time to come, but what is it about each other that makes the other one furious? “I have this awful habit of telling Max stories of plane crashes and pilot heroics whenever we travel by air,” grins Jimi. “Honestly, I don't mean to, it's just what springs to mind when we're sitting out there on the runway!"

“And fuck me, that makes me furious!” says Max.