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Deadmau5 Vs Sneak

The Twitter beef to end them all

Twitter beefs have been a defining trend of 2012. And two of the biggest culprits have been Deadmau5 and DJ Sneak. Now they are going head to head!

The feud kicked off following Deadmau5's comments (skip to 7mins) about the house legend and the wider electronic scene at the FutureSound conference in San Fransico. 
In a candid interviw on stage the mau5, also known as Joel Zimmerman referenced Sneak's previous beef with Steve Angello, that erupted following comments about 'real house music' made in this DJ Mag article
"We're talking about this guy who comes in today, 20 years later, and says "fuck all this shit, this isn't real house music"... You can't drag that on and superimpose that on to what's been moved and changed... Dude, do you go down to a river and beat your clothes on a rock and hate me because I use a washing machine?"
The self styled 'house gangsta' has fought back with a series of increasingly angry tweets, aimed both at Zimmerman and his fans (who presumably have been laying into the Chicago DJ).
Sneak Vs Deadmau5
Sneak Vs Deadmau5
Sneak Vs Deadmau5Sneak Vs Deadmau5
So far there has been no response from Zimmerman, who played a secret show with Nokia in London last night, triggering this from Sneak.

Sneak Vs Deadmau5

It looks like for once, Deadmau5 may be staying quiet. Watch this space.