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Kouncil Tracks Benefits

UK beatsmeister releases chill-out album

Beats producer Kouncilhouse, generally known for dancefloor bangers, has produced a chill-out album. ’10 Years Too Late’, his fourth long-player, is full of exquisite analogue downbeat material much of which has been sat on his hard-drive for the past decade or so.

“I’m probably about 10 years too late putting these tracks out — hence the album’s title — but I thought better out than in,” he tells DJ Mag.

From the trip-hop noir of ‘Delicious’ to the leftfield, Leftfield-sounding ‘Leftfield’ (listen below), this selection shows the other side of Kouncilhouse. ‘Kontact’ fits into the realms of late-night Kid Loco lounge exotica, while ‘Hostel’ comes over like a mid-‘90s IDM piece by someone like Higher Intelligence Agency or the Black Dog.

Elsewhere there’s hip-hop soul, acidic trip-hop and other cuts that sound like they dropped off a Ninja Tune compilation from back in the day. Notable for its lack of bleeps, growly basslines and squeaky EDM stylings, this album has Kouncilhouse making up ground on his peers who ‘made it’ in the early noughties or before.

Kouncilhouse - Leftfield - Free Download (2012) by kouncilhouse