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Mad for it!

Exclusive mix from Todd Terry to celebrate 30 years of The Hacienda

Thirty years is a long time in dance music. In fact, it's just about all of it – the electronic kind, at least. Hence, why Manchester's Hacienda is held with such high esteem by anyone with a shred of interest in house and techno music.

The club, known fully as Fac 51 Hacienda, was the lifeblood of the “Madchester” rave scene. Starting out in '82 as a venue sporting indie music, backed primarily by the record sales of New Order, it existed as the seed from which acid house sprouted, welcoming an illustrious spread of house music greats and home to revered residents such as Graeme Clarke and Mike Pickering.

Closed since '97, the venue's legend has lived on, regularly drawn upon as a touch point to signify the spawning of club culture as we now know it. Thirty years later, its poised to celebrate its legacy with two more parties this month – the first, on Saturday 15th December with Todd Terry, Marshall Jefferson, Mike Pickering and Bobby Langley at London's Koko, followed by a Christmas Party on Saturday 27th December in the club's hometown at Sankeys Manchester.

Stream this exclusive mix from New York legend Todd Terry and Lil Carlos to get you in the mood and enter here to enter our special anniversary competition...

1.Give Yourself To Me                      

2.I Can’t Quite Understand  

3.Party People            

4.Can You Party                    


6.Just Wanna Dance    

7.A Day In The Life  

8.A Day In The Life (Part 2)

9.Back To The Beat   

10.The Circus          

11.And The Beat Goes On      

12.Yeah Buddy                  

13.I Wanna Go Bang        

14.Can YÕall Get Funky       

15.Cause Your Right On Time

16.A Better Way