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Free track from digital box set of 1996-2006 material

Matthew Herbert, the renowned producer, DJ, record label boss and creative director of The New Radiophonic Workshop, has a musical career that spans well over a decade. In light of this, Accidental Records have compiled a 'Herbert Complete' 130 track box set. The box set will deliver a comprehensive overview of Herbert's work between 1996 and 2006.

Set for release on the 4th March, the digital box set, available on iTunes, offers five sections of Herbert's career including 'Early Herbert', '100lbs' (Special Edition), 'Around The House' (Special Edition), 'Bodily Functions' (Special Edition) and 'Scale' (Special Edition). Each album within the box set is delivered with the original track selection, plus bonus material or a series of remixes.

Originally released in 2006, '100lbs' is the most recent full length album, laden with classic aural treasures and boosted by the breadth of the bonus section.

2001's 'Bodily Functions', meanwhile, marked Herbert's commercial breakthrough, enlisting Dani Siciliano on vocals, and is brought to new life via remixes from Matmos, Plaid, DJ Koze, Jamie Lidell and Dave Aju.

1998's 'Around The House' is rich with cosy vibes and combines early funk element with the deeper house found in '100lbs'.

The final release included in the box set, 'Scale', could be argued to be Herbert's most adventurous release to date, recored at Abbey Road Studios with a full 80-piece orchestra. The avant-garde album is enveloped in slick strings, horns and illustrious woodwind, reworked with a tasteful remaster and remixes that accentuate its forward thinking production.

The newly created 'Early Herbert' is a selection of classic material housing incredibly rare tracks. Many were released on small independent '90s dance labels, most of which have long since folded.

The iTunes box set also includes photos, credits, video links and visuals, alongside the full selection of audio.  

Words: David Sullivan