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On digital platforms

Good Looking Records, curated by pioneering drum and bass DJ LTJ Bukem, has launched the first of the labels catalogue digitally which has been made available on iTunes and Beatport.

Originally created in 1991 Good Looking Records offered a seminal alternative to the excessive hardcore scene. With a distinct sound of ambient drum & bass and jungle the label has been a distinct focal point for the scene for well over a decade.

Producers regarded in the initial launch include LTK Bukem, PFM, Blu Mat Ten, Tayla, Seba, Big Bud, Makoto, Nookie and MC Conrad.

Releases available digitally include the 'Progression Sessions' series, 'Earth' series, 'LTJ Bukem Presents Logical Progression', LTJ Bukem's 'Journey Inwards', 'Believe In My Soul' and 'Journey Inwards' of Makoto, Nookie's '[email protected] The Deep End' and Big Bud's 'Infinity + Infinity' and 'Late Night Blues.

The collection follows the history of Good Looking drum & bass, with the foundation offerings of drum & bass and jungle to the chart bothering successes of today. The Good Looking Records digital launch is exactly what the iPod ordered.

Words: David Sullivan