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This months vital label

Who's behind it?

Duct (Luke Harris), Owen Howells, Fybe:one (Greg Haynes), Herse (George Higham) and Dan 'Saul Knight' Lawrence.

Sounds like?

“The beginning, middle and end of a great night out,” says Luke Harris. “The five of us are all into different stuff, and our output reflects that; be it the hard-edged, rave-channelling sounds of Elson David, the deep, lustrous electronics of Fybe:one or the vast, pulverised pop of Warsnare.Our aim is to sidestep trends and put out records that'll still sound as fresh and inventive in five years as they did on release. It's a tall order.

The guys are currently putting together a pay-what-you-like taster compilation, too — check their Soundcloud for full info.

Who's on it?

Fybe:one, Owen Howells, Duct, Elson David, Warsnare, Chairman Kato, Dan White, Royce Wood Junior and Stac, Stanky and Manni Dee.

Who's playing it?

“Daniel Avery, Laurent Garnier, Tiësto and David Guetta. Plus rumour has it plays Warsnare's EP in the bath,” smirks Luke. We think some of that may be lies...

What's next?

“Dan White's brilliant four-tracker of emotive crossover tech-disco, 'Simple Pleasures', will be out this month, followed by Stanky's as-yet-untitled EP, with mixes. After that we'll be putting out Manni Dee's latest, which, true to form, is sure to tear up plenty of dancefloors,” Luke concludes.