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Rock 'N' Rave

Killaflaw pick out 10 of the best to play air guitar to…

 Death From Above 1979

‘Romantic Rights (You're A Woman, I'm A Machine)’

“We were both listening to these a lot when we started out, and still do. The drop contains my favourite bassline of any track. And I do love basslines.”

Primal Scream

‘Miss Lucifer’
“Instant headbang as soon as I hear this track, that driving punked up house beat and that analogue bassline, yes please.”


‘Woman (MSTRKRFT Remix)'

“The original's a brilliant track but with a bit of added filth and funk, this is one of my favourite remixes.”


‘Fist of God’

“This is my idea of a banger, almost prog rock in places, with that MSTRKRFT intensity.”



“Probably one of the best crossover tracks of all-time in my opinion. A game changer for a generation of producers.”

'Waters of Nazareth'

“Just a filthy arse bassline that makes me wanna chew my face off, not much of a rock tune, like, but I could soon change that, haha!”


‘Action Radar’
“The vocal is just so aggressive, it makes me wanna butt a hole through a wall and dance like a loon, I love it!”

Primal Scream

‘Kill All Hippies’
“Choooooon!! Sounds like it should be the soundtrack from a John Carpenter film or something. Just a cool fucking track!”



“Hard one, this, as the whole album is just boss, blues and beats, you can't go wrong! Get ya dancin shoes on and bottle neck that guitar!”


‘Broken Idol’

“Perfect mixture of guitar and vocal verse sections, with a banging electro bass-driven chorus. This is rock 'n' rave!”