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DJ Weekly Podcast by Ramon Tapia

Ramon Tapia has revolutionary music in his blood – his dad fled Chile after angering Pinochet with his dissident songs – but it was being born in his mother’s native Holland that gifted him to dance music’s current powerhouse.

Having released on the likes of 100% Pure and Turbo, and set up Say What? Recordings and Aella Music (which he runs together with Hermanez), his blend of tough house and techno straddles the line between underground knowing and peak time punch, peers such as DJ Sneak, Nic Fanciulli and Marc Romboy pestering him for remixes.

Plundering the vaults of labels including Desolat and Suara, this podcast delivers exactly that no-nonsense sound, laying out the blueprint that has seen Ramon packing dancefloors around the world.

1. Ramon Tapia – By Me – IAHG
2. DJ Wild – Tokyo 9 Am – The W Label
3. Massimo Girardi - 5 – Little Helpers
4. Dj HighTech – In Music We Feel – Witty Tunes
5. Marc Fanciulli- Back To Front – Truesoul
6. Farraone &Agnelli – Jambo – Desolat
7. Ramon Tapia – Intense Idea –IAHG
8. Tripmasterz –Who’s Talkin – IAHG
9. Imany-You Will never Know – Oliver S Dub –Hedonism
10. Kaiserdisco –Dimension – KD music
11. Ramon Tapia – Elleonore’s Dream (Christian Smith Remix) – Say What? Recordings
12. Gary Beck –Lodi – Suara
13. Mad Us – 65.1- Little Helpers
14. Ali Borem – Usefull Dots – Root 50