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Allen & Heath Launch New XD-53 DJ Headphones

Check out these new pro DJ headphones.

Allen&Heath's new XD-53 DJ headphones are made from the biggest drivers available on the market, and are obviously named for the sake of the rhyming numbers.

We checked them out at the recent Frankfurt Musikmesse trade show and they did not fail to impress.

The 53mm drivers are mounted in completely isolated ear cups and given the 1500mW of power, it's quite an immersive experience. They really can handle a serious amount of volume.

You know when you hold a pair of headphones and you can hear the music really loud, and the idea of putting them on your head seems like instant Tinnitus? Well we tried that 'laboratory' test at the show, but when they were on-bonce, there was no pain at all. Just clear fucking loud music.

Obviously when you're in front of a massive stack of speakers, you want to be able to hear the music without any problems and the XD-53s will easily compete with some of the loudest environments.

The speakers rotate with a massive range, which is handy for some and simply makes them comfy for most. They're not too flamboyant in this department, which we think is a good thing.

The new headphones are going to be pretty competitive with an expected street price of £99 from May.

Price: £122 +VAT
Contact: / [email protected] / +44 (0)1326 372070