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Taster of Vision Quest trio's album

Hamburg three-piece Wareika deliver on Vision Quest's promises to serve up quality music, regardless of its origins, with their new 'Wternal' album (out October 14th).

As much into jazz and various strains of folk as house and techno's current incarnations, Wareika, aka Florian Schirmacher, Henrik Raabe and Jakob Seidensticker, arrive with top pedigree, having released on labels such as Perlon, Eskimo, Tartelet and liebe*detail.

Filled with musical flourishes that underlie the live playing which goes into their productions, 'Wternal' delivers both for dancefloor nourishment and in more introspective headphone moments when the layered intricacy comes to the fore.

We have a free track, 'Christmas Dub', to download as a taster and it comes with a note of mystery. While the original album promo says that there are 13 tracks on it, the actual playlist has only 12. Since 'Christmas Dub' came to us labelled as track 13, is this the unlucky number to miss out?

Whether it is or not, we've been charmed by its spacious, reverb-filled depths.