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Podcast from Peter Pixzel, one third of WetYourSelf! and one half of App

One third of fabric's Sunday night residency WetYourSelf!, London-based Dane Pete Pixzel has been agitating dancefloors for over a decade with his darkly funky take on house and techno. Having dropped his studio wares on the likes of Dinaymic, Kindisch and Watergate, as well as his own imprint WYS! Recordings, his latest project is APP, alongside fellow Dane August Jacobson.

Their debut album, 'Appiness', out 12th December, blends the influence of minimal techno, experimental electronica and live jazz playing with song-writing from guests, including Georgina Levey and The French Edge. If that sounds an enticing proposition, App's productions also form the backbone of his podcast for us, alongside the likes of Extrawelt and Timo Mass. So good, you might just...

1. App - 'Heron' (Unreleased)
2. App - 'Push It' (WetYourSelf! Recordings_ (Release date 12th Dec 2013)
3. Extrawelt - 'Neuland (Robag Wruhme Rekkmov 001)' (Darkroom Dubs)
4. Envoy - 'Seawall (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)' (Soma Records)
5. Timo Mass - 'Articulation feat Katie Cruel (Tim Green Remix)' (Rockets and Ponies/Essential)
6. MHMone & Atoi - 'Once Upon A Time (Martin Dawson Remix)' ([email protected] Recordings)
7. App - ' Private Dancer' (Unreleased)
8. Ben Hoo - 'Jasmine (App Remix)' (Kindisch)
9. App - 'All i Can Think About (Eric Volta Remake)' (WetYourSelf! Recordings)
10. App - 'Mr Moustache (Kiki Remix)' (WetYourSelf! Recordings)
11. App - 'Feel Like Dancing' (WetYourSelf! Recordings)
12. App - 'Dungen Master' (Unreleased)
13. App - 'We Want to' (Unreleased)
14. App - 'Low Rim ' (Unreleased)
15. App - 'All I can Think About (Original)' (WetYourSelf! Recordings)
16. App - 'Leave it with Me' (Unreleased)
17. App - 'Around You' (Kindisch)
18. App - ' Soma' (WetYourSelf! Recordings) (Release date 12th Dec 2013)